INTA is present at the Analytica 2024 fair in Munich!
01. May 2024

INTA is present at the Analytica 2024 fair in Munich!

This is an extraordinary opportunity to get to know us and to establish new fruitful collaborations. Designed to offer rapid, portable, multiplexed, and low-cost diagnoses, our first product, the NanoAnalyzer, positions itself at the crossroads between precision medical diagnostics and the portability required to tackle global health challenges.

πŸ” Our main application is the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries (TBI), offering a fast and effective alternative to traditional tomographies. This not only improves the efficiency of first aid and medical treatments but also opens new perspectives in environmental monitoring, food safety, and beyond.

πŸš€ Our technology stands out for its multiplexing capability, rapid response, portability, and economic convenience. With the support of AI algorithms for high-precision performance, we aim to make diagnostics accessible everywhere and to everyone.

🌍 INTA is proud of its academic roots and strong collaborations with industry and research. As we progress, we remain open to new partnerships that can help us achieve our common goal.

We look forward to meeting you at Analytica 2024!

For more information, we invite you to visit our website or contact us directly! 🌟

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